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    Marian Centre expands hospital beds; celebrates with official opening event

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    Healthe Care Australia, the nation’s third largest private hospital operator today marked the official opening of the Marian Centre in Wembley, injecting much needed additional mental health services into the wider Perth community.

    The opening, officiated by Mental Health Commissioner Mr Timothy Marney signalled the opening of 35 additional private mental health beds, boosting total beds to 69 and addressing pent up demand for private mental health services. The Centre’s extra beds were launched alongside extended outpatient and day program services. 

    Situated at 187 Cambridge Street, the Marian Centre is a private mental health hospital that has played a significant role in helping West Australians suffering with mental health issues since 2006. It provides a full range of integrated clinical services to help with every stage of recovery from mental health issues, with specialised treatment for general adult mental illness, mood and anxiety disorders, adolescent mental illness, military and emergency services mental health concerns.

    Marian Centre Chief Operating Officer, Ms Dale Nelligan says that since Healthe Care’s acquisition in 2014, the company has invested in significant refurbishment and redevelopment works to substantially increase accessibility to the Marian Centre’s mental health services and extensive range of clinical interventions.

    Mental Health Commissioner, Mr Timothy Marney commends the Marian Centre’s service extension to benefit the wider community, whilst complementing the Commission’s plan.

    "Expansion of the Marian Centre will assist in the delivery of the Western Australian Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Services Plan 2015-2025: Better Choices. Better Lives by providing mental health care in an environment which reflects the high standards required for a contemporary mental health service."

    Town of Cambridge Mayor, Keri Shannon applauds Healthe Care for extending its already successful private mental health treatment model.

    “I welcome the decision to further invest in Cambridge’s already plentiful health services. Good health requires a collaborative effort and I recognise the Marian Centre’s commitment to working in partnership with local Psychiatrists, GPs, public mental health and key referrers to ensure recovery and an individualised focus for every patient.”

    Glenn Mitchell, former ABC TV and radio sports broadcaster adds, “There is currently a concerted effort by many to encourage people to take ownership and seek help for their mental health issues. That is all well and good but to achieve the success required, there needs to be accessible and appropriate treatment. The Marian Centre is a facility that provides just that. It is destined to have a major impact in the treating of mental illnesses in Western Australia.”

    Healthe Care CEO, Steve Atkins says the Marian Centre’s reputation as a leading, boutique private mental health facility teamed with Healthe Care’s demonstrated commitment to quality private hospital services and environments will deliver “much needed” further private health services to the wider Perth community.

    “We have earned a reputation as one of the nation’s leading providers of private healthcare services.  We are delighted to deliver vital and high quality private mental health services into Perth”, says Steve.

    Healthe Care currently operates 17 private hospitals and over 1,800 beds throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia. With reputational excellence as a leader in private mental health services, the company has a 100-strong Psychiatrist network and manages more than 600 private mental health inpatient beds across Australia.

    01 JUL 2016