Our Centre

Marian Centre has played a significant role in helping Western Australians suffering with mental health issues since 2006.

It is undergoing redevelopment to significantly increase the accessibility to mental health services and the range of clinical interventions.

The Centre provides a full range of integrated clinical services to help with every stage of recovery from mental health issues.  These include:

  • Patient-centered care supports active involvement of patients and with the patient’s approval, their families and or carers in the decision-making process about individual options for treatment.
  • Day Patient Therapy Programs from evidence based psychological programs
  • Linkages with General Practitioners and other Primary Care providers
  • Provision of psychological and psychiatric support for patients with complex medical problems and disabilities.

It is a centre of excellence for teaching and training of mental health professionals in Western Australia, through close collaboration with four Western Australian universities, Department for Health and Aging, Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrist and various community organisations providing support for our patients and their families.