Insurance & Accounts

The Marian Centre accepts patients with insurance from most private health insurance funds, Department of Veterans' Affairs and those who are uninsured/self funded.

Private Health Insurance

The Marian Centre has contracts with the majority of health funds. We will verify your insurance prior to your admission.

You may find that your health fund does not fully cover your stay and that an out of pocket balance may occur. You will be informed of this prior to admission.

Estimated out of pocket expenses are payable on admission.

You are not required to pay the portion of your account that's covered by your health fund as we will claim benefits on your behalf.

As part of the Hospital's policy on informed financial consent, you will be provided with an estimate of expense form and asked to sign this form as part of your admission. 

Uninsured Patients

Uninsured patients are required to pay for 7 nights on admission and ongoing throughout your inpatient stay. This payment is to be paid at the beginning of each week. The administration staff will provide you with further information about this requirement as part of your admission process.

Other Charges

After you leave hospital, you may receive bills for other charges incurred during your stay that aren't the responsibility of the Hospital. They are therefore charged separately, and may include fees relating to medications not related to your admission or diagnosis Pathology or Radiology services received from external providers.

All accounts have to be settled either prior to or on the day of discharge with reception staff.