Treating Team

 Marian Centre’s specialist staff and work together as a collaborative team to provide the highest quality care to our patients. The primary nurse, primary therapist together with the Registrar and Consultant Psychiatrist constitute the core of the treating team.

Treating Psychiatrist

A comprehensive psychiatric plan developed by your psychiatrist consists of:

1.  formulation of a psychiatric diagnosis;

2.  identification of barriers to recovery;

3.  development of an intensive, goal-directed plan;

4.  recommendation for duration of therapy.

Psychiatric treatment may include pharmacological intervention with various forms of psychotropic (psychiatric) medications and other forms of biological therapies.

Psychiatric Registrar

The Marian Centre was recognised by the Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrist (RANZCP) as a postgraduate training centre for Registrars in Psychiatry. They represent a group of selected experienced medical practitioners who are undergoing very dynamic training in Psychiatry. All aspects of their work at the Marian Centre is closely monitored and supervised by the Accredited Consultant Psychiatrists who are also additionally accredited for their role as clinical supervisors. The clinical supervision process is regulated by specific standards outlined by RANZCP and regularly reviewed at supervisor’s meetings. This process requires not only specific clinical teaching, but also shapes the registrars’ approach to their patients, broad understanding of the diagnostic and therapy process, as well as defines them as independent medical specialists in their future professional career.

The Registrars are involved in all aspects of clinical care as supervised by their Accredited Consultant Psychiatrists. All decisions and overall responsibility for the clinical care lies with their Supervisor. The Registrar is a part of our treating team who coordinates multidisciplinary meetings and clinical contacts with other agencies.

Visiting Medical Officers

During the course of your treatment at the Marian Centre you may require additional medical support and a formal review by other medical practitioners, such as General Physicians, Cardiologists Neurologists etc. The Marian Centre formally accredits Visiting Medical Practitioners from various medical specialties to provide comprehensive psychiatric and medical care. The referral to these specialists will be initiated by your Consultant Psychiatrist or Psychiatry Registrar (after consultation with your treating Psychiatrist).

Nursing Staff

Our nurses have a wide range of specialist skills. Their advice, support and counselling will facilitate your recovery and monitor your progress through different stages of clinical care and preparations for discharge. They also provide support, with your permission, to your family and other people involved in your care.

Within 48 hours of your admission you will be allocated a primary nurse. This is a permanent nursing staff member allocated to you each time they are working to providing better continuity of care and allow consistent implementation of all clinical interventions.

The nursing staff changeovers occur three times daily; therefore you have one nurse for the morning, afternoon and night respectively.

Therapy Staff

Our specialised therapy programs are developed and delivered by our therapy team. In collaboration with your Consultant Psychiatrist your specific clinical needs will be assessed for referral providing you access to the most appropriate therapy program. Within these programs therapy staff aim to work with you to achieve the goals set at the beginning of your therapy program.


The administration staff will assist you with a range of issues from the initial registration (introduction to the Centre is done by nursing staff as part of the admission process) to discussions about the payment process and full financial disclosure of all the charges associated with your stay and your treatment.


Our Housekeeping staff will make your stay as pleasant as possible. They are dedicated to providing and maintaining an environment that is safe and comfortable.


Our Chef works collaboratively with a dietician to develop healthy and nutritious menu options.  The catering staff adhere to “foodsafe “guidelines to ensure you are provided with quality meals during your admission. We understand that people have special dietary needs and you are welcome to discuss this during the admission procedure prior to handover to catering staff. This information will then be relayed to our catering staff.