Day Patient Services

Recovery from a mental health illness  ideally involves a combination of medication, therapy and lifestyle changes.

Why Group Therapy?

  • Medications can be viewed as the cornerstone of treatment for most mental illnesses, we acknowledge they are not sufficient in themselves to lead people to recovery - and not everyone will access medication as a viable option.
  • Attendance offers a great deal of therapy in a short space of time.  This can lead to a smoother recovery and easier transitions which promotes better outcomes.
  • Group cohesiveness, a sense of belonging and acceptance [to know that there are other people out there who are dealing with similar issues].
  • Peer support and feedback can allow mulitple perspectives and promote a better understanding around one's issues;
  • Psycho-education helps to educate and empower people with the knowledge and skills to cope better with their specific situation(s).
  • Development of social skills and interpersonal learnings.
  • Preventive measures for the onset of mental health issues.
  • Relapse prevention for those recovering from a mental illness.
  • The sharing of thoughts and feelings in a safe environment, can promote healing and personal well - being.
  • Instills a sense of hope and creates a feeling of optimism.


We offer an extensive range of day patient therapy programs, which are facilitated by experienced and accredited mental health professionals and are aligned with their special area of interest to ensure optimum service delivery.

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