Who Would Benefit

Mental health concerns can be overcome with the right approach.

Marian Centre programs are designed to enhance and empower people to improve their own emotional and mental health well being. As a group member you will learn and develop skillls and strategies proven to assist in helping people cope better. 

There are a variety of issues and concerns that can impact a person's mental health and ability to cope well. These include;

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • self esteem issues
  • coping with trauma and loss
  • adolescence related issues
  • helping parents cope better with their young persons
  • family related issues
  • improving communication
  • work related stress
  • relationship difficulties including separation and divorce
  • helping to build better support networks
  • problems with sleeping
  • implementing a mindful approach to life.
  • social skills development

Our programs cater for a wide range of severity.  We rountinely help those who benefit from a preventive approach to their mental health, in line with resilience building and personal growth -  As well as those who are recovering from their mental health illness(s) and attend as part of their relapse prevention treatment plan.