Getting a Referral

For Individuals

If you are not under the care of one of our accredited psychiatric consultants we will require a General Practitioner’s (GP) referral to attend one of our day therapy programs.  You will then undergo an assessment with one of the hospital’s clinical liaison Psychiatric Registrars and a member of our therapy team prior to commencing a program.

For GPs and Non Marian Centre Accredited Psychiatrists

Please contact us on (08) 9380 4999 to discuss assessment options for your patients.  If the patient is suitable for the services provided by the Marian Centre we will require a written referral. The referral is to be faxed directly to the patient services manager on fax (08) 9383 3179. In order to expedite the request for assessment and ensure the patient is offered an appointment, staff may require a comprehensive history of the patient that incorporates a risk assessment.

Download the referral.

**** Assessments are only available for Privately Insured Patients. Assessments are not available for minors. An appointment with one of our Adolescent Psychiatrists can be arranged by contacting our Consulting Suites (08) 9486 7399. ***